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SPIDER 5TX Hirschmann Комутатор

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  • Код: SPIDER 5TX Hirschmann
SPIDER 5TX Hirschmann Комутатор
SPIDER 5TX Hirschmann КомутаторВ наявності
2 499 ₴
+380 (96) 442-28-96
  • +380 (67) 560-00-79
+380 (96) 442-28-96
  • +380 (67) 560-00-79
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У компанії підключені електронні платежі. Тепер ви можете купити будь-який товар не покидаючи сайту.
  • (5) 10/100BASE-T(X) ports allow for single devices or complete network segments.
  • Frame Switching Functions
    • Store and Forward - only forward valid frames and discards invalid frames
    • Multi address capability - learns up to 1,000 addresses. This is necessary if more than one terminal device is connected to one or more ports.
    • Learnt addresses - monitors the age of the learned addresses. Addresses over 300 seconds old are deleted from the address table.
    • Tagging - IEEE 802.1 Q standard designates the VLAN tag to be included in a MAC data frame for the VLAN and prioritizing functions.
  • Functions of the TP/TX Interface
    • Link control - monitors the connected TP line segments for short-circuit or interrupt using regular link test pulses
    • Auto polarity exchange - If the receive line pair is incorrectly connected (RD+ and RD- switched) polarity is automatically reversed.
    • Auto-negotiation - The SPIDER 5TX Ethernet switch automatically selects the operating mode of its RJ45 ports.
    • Auto-crossing - automatically configures its port for the correct transmit and receive pins
  • Additional Functions and Features
    • The SPIDER 5TX resets when input voltages falls below a threshold After a reset in will re-initialization.
  • Display Elements
    • Equipment status - provides information about statuses which affect the function of the Ethernet switch.
    • Power - when lit indicates supply voltage present
    • Port Status - display port-related information.
    • Data & Link status - indicates data traffic and rate
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